This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom. I Never Knew This!

facts verse presents this is why dogs follow you everywhere if you have a dog you get to know his behavior you may know that he does certain things however he may not know why he does those things since your dog can’t speak to you on his own you may not know why he behaves the way he does if you want to know more about your dog well keep watching here are 12 things that your dog does and he’s actually trying to tell you something

1.Puppy-dog eyes if your dog has ever looked at you with those puppy-dog eyes he’s doing more than just trying to get you to fall in love with him when he looks up at you with those adorable eyes he’s trying to show you that he loves you he’s also trying to enforce a greater trust between you and him.

2. Following you around you ever been walking around the house just to find your dog is following you everywhere this is why dogs follow you into the bathroom no I did I never knew this but dogs follow you around the house and into the bathroom because it’s their instinct to want to be with you and do things with the family he’s not following you because he wants to invade your privacy he’s doing it because he just wants to be with you

3.Giving little gifts does your dog come over to you with items when you’re not playing fetch will he come over to you with a shoe or a toy and drop it down in front of you in most cases it’s not because he wants to play he wants to give you a little gift so that he can share his joy with you you are one of his favorite people in the world and he just wants to show it .

4. Cuddling with you after dinner when your dog eats it’s not a good idea to bother him dogs like their meal time when your dog is done eating it’s not uncommon for him to come and cuddle with you afterwards if your dog comes to cuddle with you when he’s done eating it’s because he feels completely comfortable with you number five licking your face when your dog comes over and licks your face you may not be too happy about that sloppy kiss however you should understand your dog’s just trying to tell you something first he’s trying to show you love when he kisses you like he also kisses you to show that he understands that you are the dominant one in the relationship and finally kissing you also relieves his stress

number six getting wild when you get home well your dog gets really excited and jumps around when you get home that’s because he’s happy that you’re home he just wants you to know that he missed you

number seven understanding that something’s wrong your dog can’t talk to you to understand when you’re upset or sick but he still knows it he reads your body language and he knows that something is wrong he’ll also be able to use his senses to detect that when he knows there’s something wrong he’s gonna try and make you feel better

number eight crawling into bed with you if your dog loves to sleep in your bed or if you wake up in the morning only to find that he got in bed with you in the middle of the night it’s because he wants to spend time with you when you’re in bed you’re not running around taking care of things around the house you’re not at work when you’re in bed it’s his best chance to spend time with you

number nine raising one paw if your dog comes over to you and raises one paw he’s not trying to shake hands he’s trying to tell you he’s ready to play he could also be hungry he’s trying to let you know he wants something

number ten leaning on you if your dog comes over and leans against your legs when you’re sitting down he’s trying to tell you that he needs a bit of attention he loves to feel loved and he just wants a little extra love when he does this

number eleven seeking approval if you’ve ever gotten the feeling that your dog is trying to get your approval you’re probably right your dog values your opinion and he loves to get approval from you

number twelve squinting and blinking eyes if your dog is looking at you and he’s blinking and squinting he’s trying to get your attention he may want to play he may want to snuggle he’s using his eyes to tell you that he wants some subscribe for more you

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