PetSmart Puppy Training: How to Potty Train a Puppy

Today we’re going to learn potty training! -Hey, it’s Aaron and Guppy and today we’re getting some puppy training tips with -Shannon! -Guppy’s asleep so there’s an important question I need to ask you Potty training -Oh, yeah. -Yeah, how do I get him to pee on the right spot or even go outside if that’s possible –

It is absolutely possible. It just takes a little bit of time. -What should I do to make sure he doesn’t have anymore accidents? in the wrong spot? –

Right, so you’re going to maintain where he’s going. You don’t want him out of your sight for too often -Okay -And  accidents do happen.

They do. -A lot. -It’s okay, but here’s the thing: He won’t understand why. -Okay So the only time you can correct is in the act. -So when he’s peeing -When he’s going.

Yep. What do I do if I see him peeing right there in front of me? What am I supposed to do? Uh-oh! -Is that what I’m supposed to say? -Yeah, say it.

-UH-OH! -Oh yeah. -That was good. -Like a manly -Yeah, manly -Uh-oh -Ok then when I say “uh-oh” what’s he going to do? -Well he probably won’t stop going to the bathroom but you kind of want to make him feel uncomfortable like “this is not a good thing to do, Guppy” -Okay So with that being said, what do you think you should when you go outside? -Yes! -Yes, that’s the first thing you want to do. But then you’re going to throw him a puppy potty party -A puppy par.. a puppy potty -Yeah, like this -Woohoo! You did it! -While he’s peeing outside -YAY! -That’s exactly right. -I can do that. So if he does have to go inside, how do I make sure that he actually uses the puppy pad? –The puppy pad. So you know they actually make a spray that is meant to encourage the puppies to go on a specific spot like the puppy pad -Really? -Yeah So like this? -Yeah, that’s exactly the one -So what do I, I just..? Yep, so you’re just going to spray it on his little puppy pad over here -Now you’re going to spray that on there and that will encourage Guppy to go in one spot -How much do I spray? So you’re going to want to spray around the corners and in the center There you go, yeah don’t be shy.

Get it nice and saturated. Perfect. Oh wow! Fancy! -Yeah -Did you just write your name? -Yes, I did. Wow -How do we get him to tell us that he has to go to the bathroom? -Yeah. -Is there a way to do that? -Yeah, absolutely. One way we do that is with “potty bells”! What!? What’s he supposed to do with these? So the idea here is that we create a pattern for Guppy. This sound means -It’s the potty door open -Do I have to have this on the same door or can I have to have it on all the doors? You want to have it on one door so you don’t want to confuse him.

So it needs to be on the door that you want to be the “potty door,” the magic potty door -This is the door he goes out every time he goes to the bathroom -Okay, you know what? I think he might okay for us to try this out Let’s do it! You got his leash? -Yes! -Perfect. -Alright, so why does he need the leash? -The leash is really important so that he can go to the same spot every time and then that way it keeps him on task.

-Ready!? Let’s go potty, Guppy! -Let’s go potty! Alright Guppy, let’s go potty! Alright, you guys are going to want to come to the same spot, kind of keep him in the same area so go ahead and put him down. This is going to be his potty spot. And now you’re just going to wait. You want him to stay on task. Be patient. -And how long should we wait? -Usually a good general rule is about five to fifteen minutes. -Five to fifteen minutes. C’mon bud! C’mon! You got this! SUCCESS! *applause*.