Grooming Your Dog the Right Way

Bath Shampoo Foam Dog Canine Adorable Puppy

Good grooming habits should start in the early stages of your puppies’ life. At this age they can be trained to sit or stand, and the grooming becomes a part of their normal routine. All dogs need regular grooming and inspection, whether done by the owner, veterinarian, or groomer.
A basic home grooming kit should include a flexible pin brush, a fine and coarse tooth comb, and a knobby glove. A long coated dog should be brushed and combed several times per week, but even a short coated dog should be brushed or rubbed down at least once a week to ensure that the skin and coat remain healthy and vibrant.
Dogs may shed hairs continuously, particularly in dry winter household heat. You may notice dullness to the hair before the shed tufts begin to emerge, but with regular grooming, tangles, matting, and irritated skin can be avoided, not to mention the tumbleweeds of pet hair around your home.
Dog hair grows and dies just as human hair does, and almost all breeds shed at least twice a year due to changes in day lengths, which triggers a hormonal change in your little one. Regular bathing with shampoos that contain vitamins and minerals can help to remove this loose hair, and keep your dogs hair healthy and vibrant. But remember frequent baths, more than once a month can dry out the natural oils in the skin leading to itching, scratching, and sores.
If you bathe your dog frequently, use aloe-based shampoos and coat conditioners to help maintain coat oils and skin health. When using shampoos, keep in mind that all shampoos are coal-tar based soaps. The benefits are in the additives, such as aloe, B-vitamins, etc. Pricey brands aren’t always a good gauge of quality so please be sure to read the label.
When bathing, use only warm water; soak your little one to the skin, lather, then rinse thoroughly to prevent dull, sticky coat and dry skin. Repeat this process with a conditioner, and always take care to keep water and soap out of the eyes and ears.
Grooming is also essential for healthy skin by making the owner aware of any problems that may be developing. Flea allergies can cause severe skin problems, so daily examinations during the flea seasons are a must. Fleas are usually carried into the home unknowingly by humans on our clothes and shoes, so even indoor pets run the risk of getting fleas. If you choose to use the services of a groomer, ask your veterinarian, local dog club, kennel, friends, etc. for recommendations. Call and or visit groomers and check out their facilities, ask about their practices and requirements, some require examinations, and observe their treatment of other dogs. Be as particular as you would for your own hair.
Using a groomer is highly recommended, but home grooming is still necessary and it greatly increases the bond you form with your special friend. We hope this short article has been of help to you.